Feb 1, 2013

#IpohTrip with le girls :)

Madah semua nak tempat nak taruk hashtag -__- Haha

Hello peeps :)
Last weekend, me Fali Mighaa Ina and Tuya had a trip to Ipoh. Ina invited us to her house :) Her house is HUGE I tell you. All of us had that shocking-OMG-I-can't-believe-it kind of expression on our faces. Her parents are very kind, did I mention that they paid for our transport to and fro Ipoh? Yes, they did. We owe them a lot. So, shall we began telling the stories behind each doodle?

#Day1 - Done relaxing after a long bus ride, we got ready for a movie = Parker at AEON Station 18. Asked Acad to come, and he brought his housemates along. After that we went to McDonald's, just to lepak and snapping pictures until 1 a.m :)

#Day2 - Today was very tiring. We began the day with bowling at Ipoh Parade. It's Mighaa's first time, it was hilarious. You should have seen how she reacted when she scored a spare. After Zohor prayer, we went to Prinz, a karaoke place. Paid for the VVIP room, RM20 per hour, and we karok for 2 hours ! After singing our throats out, we went to AEON Kinta City. We bought similar rings, as a memorial (Ye ke?) for this trip. Got home, prepared to sleep early because we need to be fully charged for Day 3 :)

#Day3 - Got up as early as 8, didn't shower, change attire, vroom vroom here we go Ulu Chepor. The water is freezing, crystal clear, relaxing environment, green and fresh, we enjoyed it a lot. 3 hours seemed like it is not enough but since Falisha was shaking and Ina had a cold, we need to get out of there. Had lunch at Mydin Meru. After that we visited the Royal Perak Golf Club, then headed back home. Transfer all the photos since the first day, watched videos, yada yada. Night ! Ina took us out for a dinner at a char kuey teow stall, somewhere near Tesco. Went into Tesco for a while (Dapat belon!), we bought Ina a bag :) I bought a bag myself too. So did Falisha. Memang berjalan, duit keluar macam air pun tak perasan.

#Day4 - It's time to head back to Shah Alam. Our train was at 1.05 p.m. Before dropping us as the train station, Ina's mum took us to Hainan Chicken Rice for lunch. Not bad. Acad came, to the station not the chicken rice shop. Haha. So yeah, I got to meet him one last time :) After saying goodbye Ipoh, our journey back to Shah Alam began.

All the joy, the tears, the laughter, the bodoh-bodoh-shit-bodoh-bangang-shit.
#Memorable #AwesomeGirlsWithMe #Sayangs
Urghh I'm gonna miss this trip a lot.

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