Oct 20, 2013

Aku tak confident gila aku dapat masuk top 50 unis

Raihan posted this on our INTEC 2012/2014 wall:

To: Bebudak scholar JPA.

Korang, i just wanna share something.

Ramai antara kite tertanya2 abt our uni application. Thru UCAS, we need to enter 5 preferred unis, and in some courses, dlm top 50 world ikut THE tu pun tak cukup 5 unis right? For example, bebudak yg amik accounts. We only have 4 unis which are Manchester, LSE, Warwick and Edinburgh yg ada accounts.
So i recently called JPA and asked them whether or not we can apply other unis ie top 100 in THE or top account unis. And org tu cakap TAK BOLEH. Even IF were accepted in those unis, JPA will not sponsor us.
She said even if uni yg ada course kite tu tak sampai 5 pon, we can only apply for those unis je. Maksudnye kalau ada 3 je, then apply 3 je.

Some of my friends ade yg cakap MABECS akan tolong la whtsoever but bear in mind, bukan MABECS yg sponsor kite. And some said if diorg dapat unis yg bukan top 50 tu, they wanna leave JPA and mohon MARA. So for those of you yg ade tpikir nak tukar MARA pulak (i dont know whether its possible or not), do tanyakn org MARA for us all will you? ^^

Thats all. Thanks

Pernah tak rasa bengang bila internet slow? Dia nak bagi tapi tak nak bagi banyak, nah ciput je. Lebih kurang ah ni :(

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