Feb 23, 2014


It was a complete turnover.
Tolong lah jangan macam ni.
I will never go back.
I don't want to go back.
Everything involving you reminds me of the stupid decision I made and the result of it. Yeay accident -__-
I've tried my best to make you hate me,
cause it'll be easier than explaining things
that I know, you'll never accept.
But no, it is not your fault. Aku salah. Aku yang tak fikir bebetul. Aku tak nak buat salah yang sama lagi.
Let go of the freakin' past, stop complaining,
stop questioning, cause no one is gonna answer them.
Stop asking my friends too, cause they don't know anything either.

Aku selalu question macamane someone boleh cepat gila get over dia punya ex and jumpa orang baru. Aku dah faham dah.
Aku jahat gila kan? Aku tau.

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