Dec 29, 2011


i remember finding this from a cousin's blog. but i don't ermeber where he read it. lets just share it, okay :)


He had never liked his name. Assalamualaikum bin Assalamualaikum. It was more than a mouthful, it was several. It had been the bane of his existence for twenty-eight years and he had lived with the misery of it all, being the butt of jokes, songs, merciless teasing from schoolmates, friends and strangers. Teachers were reduced to calling him Sa and some just gave up. It made them feel helpless and inept. He was the nameless kid in school. Most just call him 'eh' because his Ustazah said that it was blasphemous to make fun of his name. He had once asked his father if he could change it but his father's eyes grew larger and he boomed saying that he would be disowned and charges off in his taxi. It was his name, and his father's name and his father's father's name. It was their name and it was going to stay that way. It wasn't the only thing he inherited; he got his father's taxi, too, and become a taxi driver just like his father.

For twenty-eight years, he lived with the ridicule as well as the divinity of his name. He never had girlfriends because the just couldn't deal with the length and breadth of it. The non-Muslim girls couldn't pronounce it, let alone whisper it into his ear. The Muslim girls just thought it plain weird. He dreaded filling up forms, or any kind of paperwork and people would just do a double take whenever they saw his name. His I.C. was the only foolproof measure he had. Once, he had been pulled over while driving his taxi and the policeman took one look at his license and chuckled. Betul ke ni. Instead of giving him a summons for double-parking, the policeman decided to let him go and said that it was his lucky day. Sometimes he had passengers who laughed at him, sometimes he had passengers who wanted to ask him how he got his name, and sometimes he had passengers who just wanted to know how to pronounce it. But mostly they said nothing at all.

One day, a young lady entered his car. She sat in back and kept stealing glances at him He saw her out of the corner of his rearview mirror and thought that she was rather pretty. She had straight black hair and wore earrings. She was very quiet. But sent a steady stream of smses on her phone. His heart warms when she smiled at him as she handed him her face. Then she spoke

Saya suka nama encik. Nama saya Anis.

She said that she heard of his name from a friend. She had been taking taxis every day in KL for the past six months and she finally found him. She said that a fortune teller had told her she would marry a man whose name meant 'peace be upon you'. Today, he felt like the luckiest man alive. He was going to be married to a woman who fad fallen in love with him because of his name.