Jan 1, 2012


man, i am damn excited. esok nak gerak pegi PLKN dah :)

i'm thinking, tomorrow mesti ramai gila budak baru kenal. so Syikin Azmi, don't be shy shy meow. so the mision will be : tebalkan muka, campak kemaluan malu jauh jauh, put a smile on that face, and say 'Hai, saya Syikin.' to everyone sambil hulur tangan nak salam, except for boys :)

but still, i'm nervous thinking bout the activities there. kat PLKN mesti ada monkey bar kan ? that's my problem, i can't do monkey bars. i can hang with both hands, but i can't move to the next bar. get what i mean ? haha yes, it sucks to not able to move.

another things, burung hantu. you know this right ? at night, they leave us alone in the forest and we have to walk back to the camp. OMJ ! aku damn takut nak buat bende tuh. because trust me, mesti faci faci buat takut takut kan kita nanti. takott !

anyhow, i will try to enjoy myself in any possible way. burn these babies *usap perut yang comel*. get a bit of tanning and come back as a african american girl *bak kata afiq* :) toodles folks, hope we meet again in 2 and a half months :)

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