Nov 21, 2012

First semester

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum :) Hye peeps.

So yeah, first semester was over. How was it ? Hmm I'd say, it was great, tremendous, stupendous. But I am damn terrified of the results for my final exams. Well, our first semester is more to "Have fun, the syllabus is not that hard. We are just revising what we had learnt in school." And we were wrong. Terribly wrong :(

For A Level Accounting, we were told to take 4 subjects which are Accounting, Economics, Math/Stats and (darn) Physics. Account is a wee bit hard, yeah la we have to change the terms to English kot. Pelik gila. Then Econs is fun, plus the lecturer is also fun :) It's like History, loads of reading, only difference I love it. HAHA Pure Math is like SPM Additional Math but extra hard. Statistics is easy. But Physics, oh dear oh my, Physics ! Physics is not as easy to understand as SPM level. Even some of us, who had the basic are having difficulties in solving the question involving the applications of certain concepts. And that's just sad :'(

Nevertheless, I enjoy 10EA4. I enjoy the college. I enjoy studying, but I guess I need to put a lot more effort to gain high marks. Right ? So here's my 4 and a half month memories of my first semester at Intec Educational College :3

Awesome :3

Memorable night with Yatt Hamzah, IM Asyraf and Sham Kamikaze :3

Class dinner @ Hartz Chicken Buffet :3

With Miss Hanim :3

Cute kittens @ Kolej Akasia :3

See you guys next semester :* Missing them already.

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