Nov 24, 2012

I miss my girlfriends yaww !

Venue : City Square, Johor Bahru
Date : 22.11.2012
Time : 11.45 am - 5 pm
Motive : Hangout with girlfriends :3

Since matriks student tengah cuti. UiTM student also cuti. So we meet lah :) But only four of us made it. Bieha, Syazana, Makpah and me. Supposedly Cica and Ayon follow as well, but suddenly they said they couldn't come. Sho shaddd :'( First plan was to watch a movie. Syazana and Makpah are going to watch Breaking Dawn, while me and Bieha are going to watch something else. But when we got to the cinema, there was a notice saying that the cinema's closed to respect the Sultan's birthday -__- Okay, darnnnn ! Wrong timing. So we changed the plan, we just wanna lepak lepak, borak borak, gossip gossip, gelak gelak. Lepak Mekdi, then eat at Subway, lepak and gossip somemore. Went round and round the mall, window shopping here and there. Dah lapar balik, went to buy takoyaki *nyum nyum* and lepak at food court. The End.

Till we meet again, girls :3

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