Jan 2, 2013

2013 :)

Hello hello 2013 !
Happy new year to all. Having fun on 1.1.2013? I sure did, jalan jalan sampai kaki lenguh around KL. First we went to KLCC where I bought two books at Kinokuniya :) Mental and Murtad. From there we walked to Pavi (tempat orang kaya), then we walked to Sungei Wang to search for Pokk's Lumia's casing but unfortunately we were unable to find one. Instead, I was the one who bought a new casing for my baby Miro. Yeay ! Later, we had dinner at Ali Mama, a mamak restaurant near TS. Solat Maghrib and Isyak at KL Sentral before heading back to Shah Alam. Sengal jugak la, kitorang keluar dah lepas tengahari. Lepas tu expect to be back before dark? Tak mungkin....

We reached college around 10. Penat. Lenguh. Semput. Mengantuk. I just wanna sleep. After shower and a few text conversation with Ca, I began to snore :) Haha tak ada lah.

Saat saat akhir aku bersama 2012?
I ended 2012 with an enjoyable family vacation. We went to Penang, our favourite hometown. On the way, we stopped by Punchong and Ipoh. Melepas rindu balik Penang, pergi Sunway Carnival, Queensbay, Jusco Perda :) Sempat makan char kuey teow Sg Dua ja, pasemboq tak :( I don't mind walking all day long, as long as I am back in Penang. Rindu sangat dah. Tapi tak lengkap sangat, sebab tak jumpa kawan kawan sekolah. Nemind, next time okay peeps :3

What am I hoping for in 2013?
I am bored cracking my head, drafting my new year's resolution every year before. So for 2013, nothing much to hope for. Just strive for a better result than last semester, financially stabler, and always be there for the loved ones. Jangan tinggal solat, itu wajib setiap tahun. And be healthier mungkin :\ Okay, itu sahaja.

Hoping for a better year, inshaa Allah :)

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