Feb 28, 2013

Mood spoiler

And these mood spoilers cost me RM2 Earth Night ticket. I didn't go.

Already feeling damn frustrated for making a foolish move of not studying for Econ's test. Thought of releasing the stress with the girls, dinner at Ole Ole's food court. But shit didn't just stop there. Got scolded by some makcik kedai cause we ordered setengah sini setengah sana. You know what I mean right? Tomyam dekat kedai A nasi dan telur dadar di kedai B. Bodoh gila -__- Then this kakak kedai air pulak, well duhh it's her job to deliver the drinks to the table. Habis tu nak emo pulak kitorang tak bagitau yang kitorang ada order air. What?! Nonsense gila, "Tadi tengok adik tp adik tak perasan. Dah tanya... bla bla bla..." Mintak kaki dengan aku je semua hari ni. Ahh !

Sleep early to make all these shittery shit shit go away.

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