Mar 1, 2013


I am such a failure
I fail to realise ibu abah's hope
I ruin pretty much everybody's hope
I've done nothing but play
I've done nothing useful
I am nothing but a pain in everybody's ass
I am such a loser
I am a terrible friend
I am a loner
I suck at Economics
I suck at Account
Basically I just suck at studying
I annoyed people with my non stop talking
Like dude, no body wanna hear any of those stories Syikin !
I spend my scholarship allowance
I don't have any bright future
I have no plans for my future
I ruined my own life
I don't deserve to be here
I don't deserve such friends
I don't know what I need
I.. I.. I am Nur 'Asyikin Azmi
I am disappointed with myself
And I regret of whatever non beneficial things I have done in the past,
which are pretty much everything.

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