May 9, 2013

Semester 2, end.

Yesterday was our last paper for semester 2 final examination. Pheww what a relief. But then when I think about the university placement, which is based on the result of 2nd semester, oh no no no. My future is totally ruined, super dark. In fact, I can't see any -__- *heavy sigh*


Dinner with classmates at Restoran Tasik (I think that's the name) depan PKNS. 5 peeps didn't join tho. Went back to Akasia for Isyak. Ironman 3 for midnight movie. Mamak at SS15 for supper. Lakeview Subang for morning exercise. Subuh jemaah at Masjid Darul Ehsan. And taman depan Akasia for photoshoot :) Best night ever ! Thanks you guys. Hee..

See you, Intec for my third semester :)

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