Jan 21, 2014


I've asked everyone, can a dumper and a dumpee stay friends after a break up? Well some say can, some say cannot. It actually depends on how the dumpee accept the fact that he/she just got dumped. Apparently, it was different for this story. The dumpee turned out alright. So who's struggling? The dumper.
Forever you'll be a dear friend of mine. - Ckin
I've tried putting my walls up high, boosting my ego, ignoring the sad feeling of losing something, it didn't work though. (Seminggu pun tak lepas) But it is time to move on. Sorry for all the trouble. I was a stupid-selfish-thickheaded-moron. I asked you to stop, but I'm the one berat hati to let go. Haha. Bodoh gila. 
"Aku tau dan faham sangat yang kau sedang tersepit di antara aku dan family kau."
Thank you for so much man. Thank you for understanding. You taught me how to appreciate people, how to work on my own, how to love, how to... Nahh I can never able to list everything down. Just, thank you. 

Well, I didn't get to pesan anything. So here goes, don't you ever try smoking. That's what I like about you, so don't change that. (It's not that it matters, huh?) Be proud of yourself, I mean, stop saying that you're worthless and all 'cause you worth something. Be closer to mak ayah adik semua. They are all you have, tak ada diorang habis dah lah. Work hard. Goodluck. Ah words fail me. I'm glad we end this in a peaceful manner. I really hope that one day, once I got myself under control, we can be friends again? Start over or whatever. Haha. Okay. Maybe not. Whatever makes you comfortable. So yeah, I think that would be all.
Bye. Assalamualaikum.

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