Jan 26, 2014

Fucked up.

What the hell, Syikin? I thought we're the good guy here.

We are. But... maybe I'm just learning from experience?

Apparently, doing the same thing that HAHA did to you doesn't make you any better than him. Sama teruk je. Like seriously, what the hell?!

Yeah. This is not how things supposed to end. You are still stalking like a professional spy, still getting jealous and stuff. You are still waiting. You are still hoping that he'd suddenly text saying he's in front of Akasia. You just can't freakin' move on, woman!

And suddenly you are blocking him on Twitter, like he's the one stalking you. YOU STILL HAVE HIS TWEETS COLUMN ON TWEETDECK! God!

Get a grip. Unblock. Start over. Stay calm. Move the freakin' on.
Menangis bertahun pun tak ada function.

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