Apr 7, 2014

Durham, oh Cardiff.

I haven't choose the firm choice for my university. I'm torn between Cardiff and Durham *tarik rambut*

Just now, a Malaysian student from Sheffield Uni called me, asking if I have any enquiries on the application or the university. Durham offered BA, Cardiff offered Bsc. So I asked her about BA and BSc, and her response made me even more torn between the two. There isn't much difference really. What matters is the quality of the degree. She said Bsc is quite rigid, in terms of modules and subjects, like we have to take certain modules whilst BA's course is more flexible. She also mentioned a few other advantages studying in Sheffield, but that's not what I'm interested in. Haha.

What I'm trying to say is, I thought Cardiff's Bsc degree is better and Durham's BA degree is not that favourable among companies. And my parents discourage me from going to Durham cause there'll be less Malaysian. I know it is quite risky, but I want to challenge myself, I HAVE to challenge myself. Don't you think? I should try living where there are less people I can count on, people I know I can speak Malay with, so I can be more independent. But that cannot be the only reason.

Hati kata nak Durham for no solid reason, adakah ini hidayah? Kena istikharah jugak ni kisah dia.

Haih, now how? *angkat bahu dan kening*

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