Mar 18, 2012

National Service ? DONE !

heyya peeps :)
yesterday, 17th March 2012, i officially finished my National Service :) woohoo ! though, supposedly i come back home today sb budak jb and kulai balik naik bas harini. yesterday is just for budak luar johor and kote tinggi. since my parents wanna fetch me, hewhew :3 kite setuju aje.

so Kem PLKN Teluk Sari, Penyabong :) many many awesome memories i've gathered there. being the platun sarjan on wwati Delta, screaming most of the time helps me to immune my throat to sakit tekak. haha hilang suara, yes. sakit tekak, alhamdulillah no :) and since the camp is tepi pantai, surely la i've done some tanning aite ? even after the first three weeks, baa dh tegur 'lain nye warne'. inikan 2 bulan stgh. HAHA nevermind la, as a fool proof that i am a bekas pelatih.

yesterday my parents smpy camp around 11.10 am, settle everything and CHIOW ! bye camp, bye budak jb. aku balik dulu :) then otw, singgah McD kota tinggi coz i was craving for double cheese burger. but instead of DOUBLE, kaklong offered me a TRIPLE cheese burger. *gemuk balik la cenggini -.-"

nampak tak muka bahagia semacam jumpe burger di atas ? yeah then we went to Angsana coz kaklong want to use her book voucher. lastly singgah ATM BSN, to activate my account :) reached home almost 6 pm. hmm mm jauh betol kem teluk sari nih >.< so that's my update. wanna know what i did sepnjg latihan ? errr wait for the next post la eh. kena bukak hikayat dulu baru boleh cerita :) toodles !

ouh shoot ! seronok, seronok jugk dpt balik rumah tp jgn lupa cik kak, result's coming out this wednesday eh. 21st March taw, aku baru 18 tahun sehari kott. grrrr -.-"

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