Apr 20, 2012

Current life update

Hey ho, long time no update this thingy with some real stuff ehh :) Hmm so current life status ? I'm applying for MARA convertible loan. Well it requires me to write an essay, >300 long entitled 'Me, My Study and Career Planning'. And so far I have managed to write 900+ words, still need another paragraph to complete it. Hooohaa excited much la Syikin Azmi ni. Bukan ape, I think this is the first time I actually work on an essay to apply for scholarship. Last time, masa essay untuk Taylor's College punya banyak copy paste je (menyesal tak sudah). Plagiarism alert ! But yang ni pun tak la 100% my effort, thanks to some sample essays from last year's MARA scholarship applicants. Thanks a lot lot. Tapi dalam banyak banyak yang aku refer tuh, tak ada pun yang apply accounting. Mostly medic, ada dentistry and engineering. Tapi aku boleh nampak laa jalan essay tu macamana nak buat. Again terima kasih :)

Next, my driving license. Jyeah baby ! Aku tengah nak buat L. Test undang undang hari tu dapat full mark, 50/50. Dah kena dare dengan ibu, kena la bagi dapat kann ? Hmmm then this Sunday I'll be meeting my teacher, Kak Diana for my first practical. Ooohh excitednya :) Cukup la dah jealous tengok ramai member yang dah ada lesen, siap bawak kereta merata bagai. Next is going to my turn, so beware road users. Okay merepek XP

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