Apr 23, 2012

Playing with emotions is NO fun

Dear Emotions,
Quit playing and swinging around
because I seriously am tired of frowning :(
With <3 Your owner
Well, lately I had been having mood swings. Don`t know why. Kinda bored thinking about everything and feeling sad about it. I thought about friends, I felt lonelier than ever. I thought "This is your holiday, man", I felt unhealthy and fat. I thought about home, I missed Penang. I thought about my future, I was worried that I might not have one. What is wrong with me?!

And thanks to 'tidur lambat', Rolling In The Deep by Adele and Grenade by Bruno Mars, I am now missing this two minachis :(

Okay, sleeping late doesn't help at all. Off to bed -__-zZ
p/s : You should have slept earlier.

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